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Majestic Catering Services - Serving Birmingham Since 1992

A very special thank you to my dad, JC Pocopanni. Your love and support for me and my family will always be appreciated and remembered. Majestic Catering Services would not exist if we hadn't have opended that little restaurant with you and mom. Those were hard days... but very very good days. Many memories come to mind from then and they all contain you. You will always be a part of this business.

Rest easy big guy... till we meet again.


Majestic Catering Services is locally owned and operated by Jay and Teresa Pocopanni. Both are natives of the Birmingham area. They began their foodservice career in 1992 at Poky’s Family Restaurant, a meat and three diner with an Italian flair. Shortly after opening the restaurant patrons began asking for catered luncheons and special events, such as weddings, rehearsals, anniversaries, and more. It didn’t take long before Majestic Catering Services grew much larger than what the little diner could handle. Jay and Teresa re-located the catering business to it’s present location and have been providing quality food and services to thousands of the finest people in Alabama.

Majestic Catering Services also offers a variety of contract catering services to other foodservice establishments, as well as churches, schools, daycares, motels and civic complexes. We are licensed and health department approved and inspected.


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